Monday, June 12, 2017

Sew What do I Wear-Vacation Edition

I'm so excited that I got to sew along on this blog tour!  Even though I love the Patterns for Pirates patterns that I have, I "dug" through my stash to find a couple of Made for Mermaids favorites.
Both of these patterns turned out to be perfect for our "staycation" and definitely will be packed when we get a chance to go away for real.,,I'll just be over here dreaming about a hot sandy beach...;)
 I tested the Mama Ava what seems like ages ago and still think it's one of the most comfortable tees I have!  Mama Lucy I got on sale a while back, but hadn't made it until i was ready for this tour.   These shorts are so "livable."  I can see myself wearing them around the house all summer...Maybe another pair with a ruffle around the hem?
Don't forget to visit the other blogs and check out their great vacation makes!!
Happy sewing,
Laura :)

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