Monday, January 12, 2015

Project Quilting, Season Six

My finished "Family Tree" pillow cover
 What do you do when you stumble upon a Facebook post about a quilting challenge a mere 3 days before it's due? 
I did some quick thinking, asked my niece about a million questions, and jumped right in!
I headed over to Persimon Dreams (  to check the deadline...Sunday at noon? I can handle that!

Lindsay decided that she is most fond of the tree of life, so I came up with a fairly comical rendition, lol. (My free-handing is always childlike or cartoonish at best.)

 I split the tree at the bottom and added their family name. 

Very faint heart with R + L, meant to look like it had been carved long ago.
I separated some of the branches to add a place for each kiddo. (Even my great-nephew who will be making an appearance later this month. <3 p="">
You may wonder why each name is a different color...
I tried to find thread that was a close match to each child's birthstone and then "wrote" their names on the quilt between the branches.  Yes, it looks like I have very bad penmanship.  I do, but not quite THAT bad, lol! It's very hard to write with a sewing machine!  Next time I may use my embroidery machine for this part, but I think it is much more sentimental just how it is.

I really like the pop of color that the leaves add!  Again, I tried to match their birthstones using fabric I already had on hand.

Sooo, I got it all quilted and appliqued.  I squared it up and trimmed it down to size.  I finished sewing it into a pillow cover Saturday afternoon, plenty of time to link up by the deadline. Right?  If you know me at all, you know that I need reminders about deadlines...I didn't make myself a note and didn't get ready to link up until about 20 minutes PAST the deadline!!  I will admit to being a little sad that I missed out on some great prizes, but I did enjoy the creative process and that's what it's all about. That and the joy I will be gifting to some of my favorite people! :)
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Don't you hate it when you miss a deadline?
Would you care to share a time when you were late with something, but can look back on with a smile now?

Until next time,