Sunday, May 15, 2016


(I was provided a copy of One Thimble to review, but all opinions are my own.)
This time around, the theme for One Thimble is "Urban Vibes" or, as I keep saying to myself--"It's a Jungle Out There!"
Issue 11 is packed with of inspiration for girls AND boys of all ages.

 I started with the Felt 3-D Animal Puzzle by Felt With Love Designs (  As you can see these are loads of fun! You can make each animal a different color or use the same color throughout to make matching up the legs a little more difficult.  Of course it really won't matter because chances are the kiddos will mix it all up themselves! Obviously that's just part of the fun!!
See? Elephant legs on an Alligator...what were they thinking, lol?!?
These little guys were easy, but time consuming to make.  (I'm already plotting some for Christmas gifts!)

 Next up:  Adventurer Pants by Rabbit Rabbit Creations! (

 I started with a sheet that has just been sitting in a closet for many, many 12 or so years, lol!   Quite some time spent fussy cutting and voila! Super cute Adventurer Pants that this little guy adores!
I love the detail you get with the contrast fabric.  You can't see a lot of contrast with my side panels, but I love how the pocket trim pops!

Were they a quick sew? Yes, I would say so.  The only thing that held me back the slightest bit (aside from fussy cutting, of course) was that I only print in black and white and the cutting lines are very close together in places. Definitely not a deal breaker and I'm pretty sure that he would like another pair. :)

As for the e-zine itself--My first thought was, "Yikes!  That's a lot of pages!!"  393 to be exact, but the first 100 or so are articles and pattern previews.
Oh, the articles will blow you away!
Not only are there inspiring pictures for making all kinds of goodies, there are tips for sewing with laminates, using rivets, even converting single-pull zippers to double-pulls!

I was taken back to a time when my boys were little and loved having me sew for them. Ari from Max California shares tips for sewing for boys, including finding your/his style.  If you aren't used to sewing for boys, hopefully you will be ready to start after reading this issue!
Not only is there a quilt pattern included in this issue, you will also find a tutorial for making a cute bunting with quilt blocks and tips for including rag quilting in your sewing.

I think my favorite article this time around is about using a Brother Scan n Cut.  I actually got one for Christmas, but haven't even turned it on! :/   After reading all about it, I know that I am ready to get started...just as soon as I clean up my crafting space, lol!

Did I mention the freezer stencils?  Guys...there are freezer stencils! (and of course a very comprehensive how-to)  AND, a file with the specific format the Scan n Cut uses so I don't have to figure out how to convert them, YAY!!  If you haven't joined in on this latest, greatest craze, here's your chance!

I know there's tons more to tell, but really, I think you should go grab a copy and read it all yourself. Don't believe me?  Check out what these fabulous bloggers have created along the way as part of the Pattern Revolution ( blog tour. Well, okay, some of them haven't been published yet, but I've seen some sneak peeks...EEK, the cuteness!

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I can't decide what I want to make next...hoody appliques (maybe on a  pillow), the cute stuffies, something with freezer stencils or the Scan n Cut...
What do you think your first project will be?
Feel free to link back here if you blog about your next creation. 
Happy sewing!  :)