Monday, February 13, 2017


Don't you just love it when it's time for another One Thimble release? I sure do! The only thing more fun than reading through the great articles is sewing up one of the fabulous patterns!
This time around, I got to try out the "Timber!" quilt pattern by Rachel Rossi Designs as part of the OT blog tour for Pattern Revolution.

Have you never read a One Thimble e-zine? If not, you are missing out! Look at all the great contributors featured in this issue.

Look at this beautiful cover!!

I have a niece who's expecting a baby girl in May and I decided this quilt would be a perfect gift!
She's actually naming the baby "Willow" and I think these are birch trees, but I don't think she'll mind, lol!
This was my first time sewing up a project from Rachel Rossi and, WOW!, it's a very in-depth pattern!  The instructions are very clear and precise, leaving you very little room for error.
I appreciate that the applique pieces print in reverse so you don't need to worry about flipping anything around when you trace it out.

One thing I didn't do according to the pattern is cut my strips long enough. The pattern comes in two sizes-crib and twin. I had planned on making the crib size...but, then I came home from the fabric store, lol.  I picked up this black and gold fabric with zero projects in mind, but realized it's perfect for this quilt-makes it look like a starry night to me. ;)
Anyhow, the fabric is only 42" wide and I didn't buy enough to cut lengthwise, so I ended up with a quilt that's only about 40" long after quilting. (Honestly, this may never see the inside of a crib, so I'm good with the size.)
I amped up the comfort on this quilt with the pink swirl minky fabric.  It matches great with the bear on the front and I used one of the bear fabrics for the binding to pull it all together.

I am very pleased with how the quilt came out and I bet my niece will be, too!

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Happy sewing! :)