Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Best Laid Plans

Not long ago someone contacted me about making a quilt with her wedding dress.  A beautiful, sparkly quilt that would remind her of her special day. :)   I picked up the dress and started thinking. Between the two of us, we spent hours looking for inspiration, finally deciding on two intertwining rings showcasing all of the fabulous beadwork on her gown.
On the very day I was finally ready to cut into that gorgeous dress, she sent me a message...Had I already started on the quilt?  If not, please cancel the project... She had decided that she would like to offer her dress up to victims of  a recent tornado.  How incredible is she??
I will admit that I am a little sad that I never got to make that first cut, but am delighted that this dress will make another bride very, very happy.
On to my next project...

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