Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My First Quilts

Let's go back to the fall of 2001. Do you know where you were?  I had just moved to Houston, Texas, with my husband and then 2 year old son.  I was also expecting my second bundle of joy.  Almost as soon as I knew that I was pregnant, I started planning what I would be making for her....okay, him as it turned out! ;)
I hadn't even attempted a quilt since one of my nephews was born (So long ago I can't remember which one, lol). I must have made 4 quilts for my soon-to-be infant son, but unfortunately I didn't keep most of them.  I have kicked myself several times because I would love to have them to hand down to my grandchildren someday. :/  But that's okay, I have plenty of time to make something for them...hopefully at least 10 years! 
Here is the one I made that we kept. Affectionately referred to as the "Baby Blanket," this one finished somewhere around 45."  I came across the pattern in a magazine at my stepmom's house and instantly fell in love. Since we hadn't yet learned what we would have, I chose a pleasing combination of purple, green, and yellow. The back is the tie-dye fabric you see in some of the blocks. My son used this quilt on an almost daily basis until he was 9!  Yes, he had probably outgrown it at least 3 years earlier, but had not complained a bit. :)  I finally realized that he was a little big for it and offered to make him a new quilt.  Sweet, sweet child that he is, he asked me if I could just add some more onto this quilt so that it would be a little bigger!  <3
 Of course I offered to make a totally new quilt using any design he wanted.  He wanted the same pattern, just a bigger size.  Here it is, made sometime in the year before he turned ten.  He loves this quilt, too.  As much as the first one?  Probably not.  The original "Baby Blanket" is the softest, cuddliest, coziest quilt ever! I'm sure that is due to being washed so many times and being wrapped up in until the edges have started to fray a little.
 Guess what?  We still use the "Baby Blanket!"  I think it's the perfect size to curl up under while watching tv.  It's great if we have "little" friends over that need a nap. I have even caught my son using it from time to time! :)  Definitely a labor of love, well worth every minute, every crooked stitch, every pin-stuck finger. ;)

Do you have a favorite quilt with a story?  I would love to hear about it...

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